Denial of Reasonable Accommodation

Denial of Reasonable Accommodation Attorney in Orange County, California

If you have a physical or mental disability, then you are entitled to reasonable accommodation under both California and Federal law.  Under Federal Law, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that a covered employer provide reasonable accommodations to a person with a disability. Similarly, in California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) imposes similar obligations on employers.

Reasonable Accommodations Under FEHA

FEHA requires that a covered employer provide reasonable accommodations to an employee suffering from a disability provided that the employee can still perform his or her essential job functions.  Further, employers have to engage in a timely good faith interactive process once they are aware an employee is disabled to determine the reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability.

An employer must make certain changes, or reasonable accommodations, that would allow a person with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job.  This does not mean that an employer has to do whatever the person with a disability requests.  An employer does not have to provide accommodations that would cause an undue hardship on the business operations. However, an employer must provide accommodations which may include:

    • making facilities accessible to individuals with disabilities or restructuring jobs,
    • modifying work schedules,
    • buying or modifying equipment, modifying examinations and policies, or
    • other accommodations.

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Reasonable Accommodations Under ADA

Similar to FEHA, ADA also requires that covered employers provide reasonable accommodations to an employee with a disability.  This provides an extra layer of protection for a person with a disability.  Reasonable Accommodations fall under three categories under the ADA.   These are:

(i) Modifications or adjustments to a job application process that enable a qualified applicant with a disability to be considered for the position such qualified applicant desires; or

(ii) Modifications or adjustments to the work environment, or to the manner or circumstances under which the position held or desired is customarily performed, that enable an individual with a disability who is qualified to perform the essential functions of that position; or

(iii) Modifications or adjustments that enable a covered entity’s employee with a disability to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by its other similarly situated employees without disabilities.” 29 C.F.R. § 1630.2(o)(1)(i-iii) (2011)

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