Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Attorney in Orange County, California

Discrimination for any reason is difficult to deal with.  California and Federal Law specifically prohibits discrimination based on certain criteria, including disability.  If you have a mental or physical disability, and you have been terminated because of that disability then you have rights to enforce.  If you are being deprived of these rights, then contact The Law Office of George Moschopoulos, APC, an Orange County Employment Lawyer, for a consultation.  As a person with a disability, your employer is entitled to provide you with:

    • Reasonable Accommodations
    • An Interactive Process to Determine Proper Reasonable Accommodations
    • And of course to work in an environment free of discrimination

If you have a medical condition or disability or if your employer thinks that you have a medical condition or disability, and your employer treats you differently from other employees because of that medical condition or disability, your employer may be liable to you for damages.  Being treated differently than other employees can take many forms including, but not limited to, passing you up for promotions, demoting you, reducing your work hours, reducing your pay, depriving you of benefits, or, even worse, terminating your employment.  If you have experienced any of the above, then call the Orange County Employment Lawyer at The Law Office of George Moschopoulos, APC today. 

Please be aware that time is of the essence.  In almost all instances, there is a time limit under which you must bring any claims against your employer.  So don’t wait and act now.

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Asking for Reasonable Accommodations:

You are entitled to a reasonable accommodation if you have a mental or physical disability or a medical condition.  California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) defines a physical disability as having any physiological disease, disorder, condition, cosmetic disfigurement, or anatomical loss that affects one or more of several body systems and limits a major life activity.  A mental disability is defined as having any mental or psychological disorder or condition, such as mental retardation, organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness, or specific learning disabilities, that limits a major life activity, or having any other mental or psychological disorder or condition that requires special education or related services.  Last, a medical condition is defined as any health impairment related to or associated with a diagnosis of cancer or a record or history of cancer, or a genetic characteristic.

Reasonable accommodation may include:

    • Changing Job Duties
    • Changing the Work Shift
    • Providing Leave for Medical Care
    • Accommodating Work Schedules
    • Relocating Work Area; and
    • Providing Mechanical or Electrical Aids

If you’re entitled to reasonable accommodations and your employer is refusing to provide these, then we may be able to assist you.  Your employer should not take away your rights.  To Find out how our Orange County Employment Lawyer can help, call today for an initial consultation.

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