Retaliation & Whistleblower Claims

Retaliation & Whistleblower Claims Attorney in Orange County, California

A claim for retaliation may lie in a variety of situations.  You may have a claim for retaliation when an employer takes an adverse action against you such as, but not limited to, firing you, demoting you, or otherwise discriminating against you, for one of the following:

    • Reporting Sexual Harassment;
    • Opposing Discrimination in the Workplace;
    • Lodging a Workers Compensation Claim;
    • Taking Leave Under Family Medical Leave Act;
    • Taking Leave Under California Family Rights Act;
    • Opposing Unlawful Wage and Hour Practices;
    • Reporting the Employer’s Illegal Activities to a Government Agency;
    • Testifying in a Proceeding Against the Employer; or
    • Following a Particular Course of Political Action or Political Activity.

When standing up for your rights, or for the rights of others due to discrimination, the last thing you expect is to be fired, demoted, or to be discriminated against.  When this does happen, you can be left feeling angry, and wronged.  The Law Office of George Moschopoulos, APC may be of assistance.  We fight for our clients rights.  Call today to find out how we can help.

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Things to Consider

When an employer retaliates against you by terminating or otherwise discriminating against an employee, you may have a claim for retaliation; however, an employee seldom states that a person is being terminated as retaliation for participating in a protected activity.  These are some things to take note of as forms of circumstantial evidence of retaliation:

    • Length of time between participation in a protected activity and adverse employment action;
    • Comments by employer, including supervisors, about participation in the protected activity; and
    • Whether other employees have or have not experienced adverse action for participating in a protected activity.

Standing up for your or others’ rights should never lead to discrimination, but when it does, The Law Office of George Moschopoulos, APC can help.

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